smartroom rOOM system

In every medical facility, the operating theatre is considered to be the centrepiece of the art of healing. In terms of architectural planning and building technologies, these rooms are amongst the most complex. A significant number of components from different trades have to be integrated into an efficiently running system.


Construction materials, electrical elements, IT systems, climatization and ventilation devices, medical gas supply components, medical and non-medical equipment and installations must be brought into line with hygiene, easy cleanability and the complex workflows of a large number of medical staff.


Dealing with those challenging tasks needs specialists with experience and extensive knowledge of multiple areas. This expertise is provided by SMARTROOM.


SMARTROOM plans and combines, in an innovative manner, various services from different trades into a fully integrated medical room system with a focus on clean room areas like operating theatres and intensive care units, taking full account of all individual needs. 

This innovative room system provides the perfect interaction between all technical components in medical rooms.


A firm metal substructure serves as the mounting frame for uni-coloured or imprinted wall elements made of HPL (other materials upon request), which may be detached for maintenance without any tools or destruction.


HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a proven premium material with high mechanical durability and maximum resistance to water and aggressive cleaning detergents.


All joints between floor, wall and ceiling as well as door and other frames may be manufactured in stainless steel and guarantee high mechanical and chemical resistance. Components for building services, door frames and lead-throughs are hygienically integrated in an innovative way. 

Together with you, SMARTROOM designs your medical clean room areas. Then, all components are designed, manufactured and assembled into a modular space system and completely erected for system test and quality control at the SMARTROOM production site. Such kind of pre-installation enables you to inspect and check the final product before the actual installation at site.


In cooperation with other trades involved in the project, the SMARTROOM installation team will install the medical clean room on site and instructs the on-site staff in use the system.